Feb 22 2019 - Carnival Barkers is officially out today!!

CD &/or Digital Download available @ Bandcamp

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From the album review by PopMatters:

"This is an album in the traditional sense, a song cycle united against a common enemy... replete with complex melodic and harmonic turns as well as truth-seeking lyrics that can provide hope in moments of hopelessness... At times reminiscent of Paul Simon's most woke moments, the early solo work of Peter Gabriel or Los Lobos' ode to the silently suffering, By the Light of the Moon, Carnival Barkers is an exquisite portrait of the times that try humankind's collective soul." - PopMatters (2/18/19)

Feb 1 2019 - Release of song Window, with video

Oct 19 2018 - Release of song Flood, with  video

Album Cover for Carnival Barkers by I AM CASTING